Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bilbo Baggins Diary Entry

Dear diary,
today, after having thirteen unexpected guests over at my house I was taken on an adventure. I was only just starting to realize how far this journey would be, not to mention how much respect I would lose from my community, when we were faced with three nasty trolls. Their names were William, Bert and Bill. They were complete morons. They were also very hungry and thought the dwarves would be perfect for dinner. Thankfully they had no interest in eating me. Just as the first of the dwarves was about to be cooked, Gandalf made his move. Like me he had noticed that the trolls were not very smart. So when they were not looking he snuck into the bushes behind them. Then he started teasing them but did it in a way that made the trolls think it was them. Once they were confused and had started fighting with each other, I slipped on my invisibility ring and set the dwarves free. After that Gandalf turned the trolls into food and we had a lovely dinner. Although it was delicious it was not a good start to our quest.


  1. Very neat and yet convincingly intellegent.

  2. Mistakes:
    -gandalf doesn't turn them into food but the sunlight turns them into stone,,
    -they don't eat the trolls because they turned into stone...